The 1877 Lymm Rushbearing Cancellation Attempt
Lymm Local Board Press Reports

1. [No Stalls or Booths on the Highway - Lymm Board held Responsible]. Warrington Evening Pose, 4 Aug 1877 (image8)

2. Should the Lymm Rushbearing be Prohibited. Warrington Guardian, 4 Aug 1877 (image8)

3. The Stallholders before the Magistrates. Warrington Guardian, 18 Aug, 1877, p.8, c.1 (image8)

4. September Lymm Local Board Meeting Report. Northwich Guardian, 12 Sep, 1877, p.3, c.5 (image8)

5. October Lymm Local Board Meeting Report. Warrington Evening Post, 6th October, 1877 (image8)

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