Should the Lymm Rushbearing be Prohibited
Warrington Guardian, 4th August 1877

Extracts from the Press Report

Mr Robson: I shall use all the influence I have to put down rushbearing, which I consider to be an absurd thing...
Mr Robson: No good purpose is served to the parish by the rushbearing. The whole thing is an absurdity. It is  a custom much better honoured in the breach than in the observance...
Mr Robson: Are there any people in Lymm who so care for the rushbearing as to make it an object of desire to conciliate them.
Mr Brown: Not the Shopkeepers...
Mr Cameron: If we refuse to allow the standings to be put up would the rushbearing be done away with...

----- Lots of discussion on allowing stalls and booths, and liability of the Board -----

Mr Robson proposed and Mr Cameron seconded:
"That the surveyor be instructed not to allow any person at the coming Rushbearing, to erect any booth, stall, or stading, or cause any other obstruction on any part of the highway in or around Lymm village, or to take any tolls from anty person so causing, or attempting to cause any obstruction on the Highways"

The Press Report

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