[No Stalls or Booths on the Highway - Lymm Board held Responsible]
Warrington Evening Pose, 4th August 1877

Extract from the Press Report

Mr Robson said he would use all his influence to put down rushbearing, which was a custom much better honoured in the breach than in the observance...
The Clerk said there was an act for the suppression of fairs but it was too late to put it in force this year...
Mr Robson asked if there was any person in Lymm who cared for Rushbearing.

It was resolved there should be no stalls or booths on the highway, and that the surveyor should only receive tolls from stallholders on the reserved ground on the Cross, which is exceedingly limited and will necessarily divest the rushbearing of its somewhat boisterous character.

The Press Report

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