Chester Chronicle, 17 December 1859

Holt was accused of burglary, and was apprehended at Lymm Rushbearing "dressed as a Morris Dancer" (report)

Extracts from the Press Report

James Holt, 28, joiner, Lymm, was charged with breaking into the dwelling house of Peter Rowlinson, at Lymm, on the 13th August last, and stealing certain moneys.

...witnesses were called, who proved having paid a marked penny the night previous for a bun, which was found on the prisoner when he was apprehended.

...His Lordship remarked the only thing on which the case rested was the marked penny found on the prisoner when apprehended. The mark was not uncommon, many similar coins will be so marked. If the jury was convinced of this this his Lordship thought it was not necessary that the case should go on.
The jury coincided with what his Lordship said and at once acquitted the prisoner.

The Press Report

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