Memories of Lymm Rushbearing
Framlington Weekly News, 8 December 1935

Extract from the Press Report

...I must mention a Cheshire festival which will ever abide in my memory -- The festival of rush-bearing...

...The day on which the rushes were taken to the church was a festal day. A cart was piled high with rushes. They were cut evenly and bound tightly, and on the top sat men holding garlands of artificial flowers, tinsel etc....
The cart was drawn round the village by horses decked with ribbon and collars jingling bells.
Morris dancers danced in front and around the cart. One man, fantastically dressed, had his face blacked, and to a belt was attached a large bell. In a ladle he collected from spectators. I can't say what became of the money. I suspect it found its way to the village inn.

The Press Report

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