10th Statham Festival 
St Helens Examiner, 29th May 1920, p8

Extracts from the Press Report

Lymm Morris Dancers
The morris dancers in their gaily coloured ribbons and bells, gave a short performance. They included Mr Edward Rowles excellently disguised as "the old lady" and acquitted themselves with great success...  ...at Cross Brow Lymm, the morris dancing was repeated

Morris Dancers - E. Rowles (old dame), E. Clare (accompanist), H. Clark, A. Riley, R. Hartley, 
F. Stirton, K. Lockyer, E. Wibberley, H. Struthers, W. Watts, A. Struthers, B. Appleton, A. Massey, H. Taylor, G. Finney, B. Leigh

The Press Report

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