[1915] Rush-Bearing Week
Runcorn Examiner, 14th August 1915, p6c2

Extracts from the Press Report

Rush-Bearing Week
This week has been Rush-bearing Week - otherwise the Lymm Wakes Week. Nowadays, however, it is only kept up in name. Talking yesterday to an old resident,,,   ...at one time visitors used to flock from all parts to a big fair which extended from the Spread Eagle to Lymm Bridge - right through the village - and from the Cross to Church Green.

Lymm Morris Dancers
In those times Morris dances always played a prominent part in the festivities which lasted throughout the week; and these dances, if nothing else, have always been kept up until this year, having now been abandoned owing to the war (as all  the dancers are at the Front, even "the old 'woman' with the spoon and bell"!)

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