[1893] Rushbearing at Lymm - A Dying Custom
Warrington Examiner, 19 August 1893, p8c7

Extracts from the Press Report

A Dying Custom
Like many another ancient custom or fete, the Lymm Rushbearing festival is year by year showing less vitality.

Lymm Morris Dancers
The old custom is commemorated in this manner at present:- Between twnty and thirty villagers rise in the small hours of Saturday morning, and having donned fancy costumes, they divide into three parties and proceed into the village, each from a different direction. A kind of morris dance is executed by each party, and assistance is expected at each house they stop at,. At nine o'clock the proceedings come to a close, and the morris dancers divide the proceeds and depart to enjoy themselves for the remainder of the day. Such was the ceremony that took place in the village on Saturday and a stranger would certainly have found it difficult to see the connection between it, and the old custom

The Press Report

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