Lymm Rushbearing
Warrington Guardian, 14th August, 1889, c.6
Altrincham and Bowden Guardian, 17th August, 1889, p.5, c.1

Extracts from the identical Press Reports

The annual Lymm Wakes which are locally termed the "Rushbearing Festival," commenced on Saturday....
...this year the fair has dwindled down to such a degree that there was not even a solitary show to cause excitement...

The Lymm Morris
On Saturday there was the usual troupes of "Morris Dancers," who danced throughout the village each man being gaily decked with ribbons of all colours. The antics of the leaders caused much amusement to the visitors, but to Lymm people is is like the harlequinade at the pantomime - the same thing over and over again, year after year.

The Rush-cart
In former years the rushes were taken to church, to serve as a kind of matting along the ailses, on which occasion a service was held, after which, so Lymm tradition runs "the majority of the men got drunk"
Although the ceremony of carting the rushes to church has been abandoned, a rush cart was, for many years, prepared and drawn by well groomed horses. Even this has fallen through and does not look likely to be revived.

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