Lymm Rushbearing and Athletic Sports
Warrington Examiner 16th August 1879 p.3, c.6

Extract from the Press Report

The Rush-Carts
This year there were two rush carts, one starting from the Jolly Thresher, Broomedge, and the other starting from The Spread Eagle, in the village.
The one which hailed from the Spread Eagle was well laden with neatly cut rushes, tied up in small bundles; and the whole, nicely decorated, was drawn by one horse, and preceded by the band of the Lymm Rifle Volunteers. Calls were made on the principal tradesmen and others, and at most of the public houses, the men who accompanied the cart meeting with liberal responses on every hand.
The cart which came from Broomedge was very gaily decorated, and was noticeable from the fact that it was drawn by four donkeys.
Both carts paraded through the whole of the village, and then returned to their starting point, where they were drawn up and visited by crowds of people during the remainder of the festival.
Again, on Monday, the carts were taken out, and a similar procession took place through the village.

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