[1877] Lymm Rushbearing
Warrington Guardian, [Sat] 11th August, 1877, p.5

Extract from the Press Report

The Lymm Rushbearing:
This annual event, which is looked forward to with no small amount of pleasure by the juvenile population of Lymm, and which is not disregarded by those of riper years willshortly come off, most of the "dobby" horses, booths and stalls having already been placed in their respective positions round the cross. In accordance with a resolution passed at the last meeting of the Local Board...  ...have been posted in conspicuous paces in the village.
"Notice is hereby given that, by order of the Lymm Local Board, no person will be allowed at the ensuing rushbearing to erect any booth, stall, or standing, or cause any other obstruction on any part of yhe highways in or around Lymm Village. Any person acting contrary to this order will be liable to legal proceedings"
We understand that the police have determined to summon all persons offending in this respect.

The Press Report

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