Lymm Rushbearing [1875] and Athletic Sports
Warrington Examiner
11 August 1875

Extracts from the report

The Rush Cart
"The rush cart presented a most primitive appearance being curiously interlaced with rushes tightly pressed and worked together and forming at the sides ****** pillars. The whole work took three days to execute by Mr Geo. Cheetham, assisted by J. Whitaker, E.I. Lewis, Peter Ratcliffe and Joseph Cheetham. It was then mounted on on a newly-painted cart, drawn by four fine grey horses, belonging to and kindly lent for the occasion by Messrs. J. Simpson and T. Brasendale. Messrs. Fairclough, Tuck and Morgan headed the procession in a trap from the Bull's Head, followed by the Volunteer Brass Band and succeeded by the rush cart"

The Lymm Morris Dancers
"The morris dancers also paraded the [district], attired in many coloured streamers, and presented a most grotesque appearence as they footted it to the strains of the music."

The Press Report

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