Rush-Bearing Week at Lymm
Warrington Examiner, 8th August 1874, p3 

Extracts from Press Report

That time-honoured relic, the rush cart, will, as usual, make its annual appearance, starting from the residence of Mr. Mantle, the promoter, in Sandy-lane, to-day (Saturday), and perambulating the principal thoroughfares in the village, afterwards returning to the before-mentioned starting place, where it will remain for the delectation of sightseers.

Lymm Morris Dancers
Not to be in the back-ground its invariable satellites, the morris dancers, will also make their rounds. These are generally bedizened in many coloured ribbons and streamers, the leader attired in a most grotesque costume, whilst his eccentric antics combined with the ringing of a bell attached to his back, and the music and dancing of his companions, never fail to excite the eager attention of the villagers, whose opinions regarding the affair, given with grave deliberation, are generally received with open-mouthed awe by the rustics. On a former occasion an opinion was vouchsafed that the gambols of the leader "Was nowt compared wi' owd 'Tubthumper's' ten 'ear sin.".

The Press Report

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