[Report of the 1865 Lymm Rushbearing]
Warrington Guardian
19 August 1865, p.6

Extracts from the Press Report

Lymm Rushbearing
The grand carnival which takes place yearly in this beautiful village commenced on Saturday last with the usual rush-cart procession. The cart on this occasion was prepared by Mr. Bunce, of the Bridgewater Arms, and Mr. Joseph Leah, of the Spread Eagle, in first rate style : and about half-past ten, the procession started from the first named house, attended by Mr. Morgan, the high constable of Lymm, the usual retinue of Morris dancers, and a great crowd of people. It was headed by the Lymm Volunteer band. Dinner was prepared at the Bridgewater Arms to which, after perambulating the district of Statham, all who had assisted in the dressing of the cart sat down. 
After this procession had re-formed and visiting Broomedge., called at the "Jolly Thresher;" then proceeded down Burford lane and by way of Rush Green, home,  stopping on the way at the houses of the principal residents, whilst the band played.

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