+Whit-Monday Festival established at Statham in 1911 by Mr. F. Lockyer - no mention in the Warrington Guardian.

+Whit-Monday May 27th 1912.
A "children's festival and sports" took place in Statham. There is no mention of morris dancing in The Warrington Guardian.

+Whit-Monday May 12th 1913.
No reference to Whit-Monday celebrations in Statham in 1913 in The Warrington Guardian, but there is a report of the Whit-Thursday festival at Lymm on May 15th - no morris dancing is mentioned.

+Whit-Monday June 1st 1914.
No mention of Statham Festival in the Warrington Guardian. A report on the Whit-Thursday at Lymm but no mention of morris dancing. 

There was further no mention of the festivals in the Warrington Guardian until 1917.

+Whit-Monday May 28th 1917.
Garland and Maypole dancing but no morris dancing.

+Whit-Monday May 20th 1918.
The Warrington Guardian reports "old time Maypole plaiting and Garland dancing".

+Whit-Monday June 9th 1919.
As well as Maypole dancing, Garland, handkerchief, Scottish and Welsh dances were performed at the Statham festival. No morris dancing mentioned.

Whit-Thursday June 12th 1919 Lymm May Queen Festival restarted after war.

+Whit-Monday May 24th 1920.
Saturday May 29th edition of the Warrington Guardian: 

"Morris Dancers. - E. Rowles old dance E. Clare accompanist: R. Clare, A. Riley, R. Hartley, F. Sturton, K. Lockyer, E. Wibberley, H. Struthers, W. Watts, A. Struthers, B. Appleton, A. Massey, H. Taylor, G. Finney, and B. Leigh. 
Mr. E. Rowles taught the children."

+Whit-Monday May 16th 1921.
Morris dancing, Garland, Scotch and Handkerchief dancing are all mentioned in the Wednesday edition of Warrington Guardian but no lists of names are given. There is a photograph montage showing the fairies, the trainer of the morris dancers Mr. E. Rowles, the Pierrots and the Garland dancers on page 7 of the Saturday edition.

+Whit-Monday June 5th 1922.
Statham Festival had a May Queen for the first time - a Miss Olive Clare. There was a problem concerning the safety of the Lymm level crossing, and the procession had to continue on foot to the field in Star Lane without the lorries.
Morris Dancers were: E. Wibberley, R. Wibberley, W. Watts, G. Finney, K. Lockyer, E. Leather, B. Leigh, A. Massey, J. Owen, T. Rushworth, F. Sturton, A. Struthers, H. Struthers and H. Taylor.

+Whit-Monday 18th May 1923.

1923 Whit Celebrations - The Star Bowling Green

The Warrington Guardian of May 23rd 1923 reports:


"Statham's May Queen Festival was held on Whit-Monday with full pageantry, the weather being ideal for the purpose. The scene of the revels was the same sylvan arena as the past, and the innumerable visitors who flocked to the village from all quarters were afforded an ideal afternoon's entertainment, which was at once spectacular, graceful and picturesque. The day is regarded in the village as one of family and general reunion. It was first organised by the late Mr. F. Lockyer, 12 years ago.
During the afternoon the sun shone with brilliance, and its warmth was tempered by a breeze, which added greatly to the comfort of those taking part in the festival as also to the spectators, young and old alike.
Infinite care and taste had been bestowed upon the costumes of the children taking part, and for this purpose a generous sum out of the funds is set aside annually.


An early start was made with the procession, which, headed by the silver band of the Lymm branch of the British Legion, resplendent in blue uniforms with scarlet facings, proceeded from Cross Brow through Booth's Hill to Lymm's historic Cross, the return journey being made by way of Lymm Station.
The tableaux were picturesque, particular care having been lavished upon the decoration of the lorries. Fortunately the inconvenience caused by the level crossing last year was not repeated, and the procession and visitors were very fortunate in being able to cross both the Statham and the Lymm level crossings.
This year, for the second time in its history, Statham was able to boast of a queen. The character was portrayed with dignity and charm by Miss Mary Davies, who, attended by her court, presided over the subsequent revels.
These included symmetrical plaiting of the maypole ribbons in a serpentine dance, which was executed with marvelous precision and grace; characteristic Scotch and Morris dances; a picturesque dance with gaily-hued garlands, and a naval hornpipe, executed by girls charmingly garbed.
The children and the aged afterwards were entertained to tea in the school, and the children were given prizes and ices. The dances were repeated in the early part of the evening. Apart from the thanks due to Mrs. Lockyer, her son and her band of willing workers, great credit must be accorded to Miss. Wibberley for having trained the children who participated in the Maypole dances. The chief organisors and workers were Messrs. J. Bryers, B. Drinkwater, Finney, W. Jolley, N. Leigh, C. Lamming, C. Moss, Massey, E. Rowe, Rushworth, Wibberley, Sturton, Whittaker; Mesdames Appleton, Leigh, Sturton, and Miss. Wibberley; Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Lockyer (honorary treasurers), Mr. W. Lockyer and Mrs. J. Smith (joint honorary secretaries).


Rose Queen - Miss Mary Davies
Maids of Honour - Misses Grace Bryers, Margery Hinglefield (Inglefield?), Iris Parton and Lily Atherton.
Train Bearers - Joe Hewitt and Geo. Owen.
Fairy Queen - Mollie Hartley.
Fairy Queen Attendants - Misses C. Smith, Elsie Taylor, Dorothy Brazendale and Elsie Bryers.
Britannia - Sarah Atherton.
John Bull - A. Massey.
Peace - Doris Clark
Faith - Annie Bate
Charity - Doris Hewitt.
Hope - Mildred Rigby
Spring - Clarissa Hinglefield (Inglefield?)
Summer - Doreen Dixon
Autumn - Annie Moss.
Winter - Irene Smith.
Flower Girls - Annie Raymore, Elsie Appleton and Mildred Hinton.
Nurse - Mrs. Broadfield
Red Riding Hood - Lily Atherton
Pack of Cards - Harry and Arthur James.
Jack Horner - Henry Hartley
Jazz Band - Harold Ravenscroft.
King of Diamonds - Wm Gilberts
Robin Hood - Jimmy Taylor.
Miss Muffet - Joyce Ravenscroft.
Creche - Edward, James and Harry and Fanny Brookfield.


The following is a list of those who participated in the dancing:-
Maypole Dance - Annie Rushworth, May Manning, Dolly Struthers, Lizzie Wibberley, Margery Manning, Edith Hinton, Olive Clare, Eva Clare, Marion Finney, Gladys Drinkwater, Edith Thomason, May Field, Dora Watts, Amy Hartley, Elsie Owen and Mildred Manning.
Sword Dance - Edna Phillips and Celia Phillips
Scotch Dance - Maggie Bell, Ada field, Edith Gilberts, Mollie Turton and Eva Struthers.
Girls Hornpipe - Annie Rushworth, Lily Bell, Daisy Field, Margery Hinton, Edna Phillips and Celia Phillips.
Morris Dance - Kenneth Lockyer, Bert Appleton, Harold Struthers, Jimmy Brooks, George Finney, Wilfred Watts, Frank Sturton, Egbert (Herbert?)Taylor, Bryn (Brian?) Leigh, Ernest Leather and Arnold Appleton.
Garland Dance - Ada Field, Mary Griffiths, May Field, Dorothy Field and Margery Hinton, Mildred Riley, Mollie Sturton, Edith Gilberts and Beaty Burrows.
Highland Fling - Edna Phillips and Celia Phillips.
Special prizes were presented to the Rose Queen, Miss Mary Davies, and to last year's queen, Miss Olive Clare. These were a brush and comb and hand mirror and a box of chocolates. Miss Dolton made the presentation.".

A further list of dancers over the years has also been collected. 

+Whit-Monday June 9th 1924.
The 13th Whit Monday May-Queen Festival, continuing the unbroken record of fine weather since its inception in 1911.
Procession from Cross Brow through Star Lane and Booth's Hill to Lymm Cross, the return journey to the field made via Station Road. 
The May-Queen is Molly Sturton.
The Morris Dancers were H. Taylor, I, Smith, A. Atherton, J. Hinton, J. Brooks, F. Sturton, E. Leather, F. Percival, H. Clark, G. Finney, A. Massey, W. Watts and A. Appleton (melodian). E. Rowles is mentioned as the trainer.

+Whit-Monday June 1st 1925.
Rained for the first time! The Rose Queen was Miss Marjorie Inglefield.

Amy Hartley, Eva Clarke, Marion Finney, Billy Groves, Marjorie Inglefield, ????

Marjorie Inglefield - Rose Queen

More 1925 Rose Queen Photographs

There is no mention of the Morris Dancers in the procession, but they performed on the field. They were again trained by Mr. E. Rowles and they were:
Tom Smith, Frank Stirton, F. Sewell, George Percival, Harold Ravenscroft, H(?). Leigh, G. Gilberts, J. Brooks, and Arthur James.

+Whit-Monday May 25th 1926.
Rained again! The Rose Queen was Elsie Owen and the "Flower" Queen was Mildred Hinton. Frank Stirton and James Brookes were "Garland Bearers".
The Morris Dancers danced in the procession and were trained by "Mr. Phillips and Mr. McCue". and they were:
Heywood Brookes, Tom Smith, Edward Lockyer, Arthur James, George Percival, George Ditchfield, Arnold Atherton, Harold Ravenscroft, Jack and Willie Gilbert, Kenneth Smith, Harold White and George Percival. There is no mention of Ned Rowles in the newspaper report.

+Whit-Monday June 6th 1927.
Two Queens - The May Queen was Edith May Thomason and the Rose Queen was Lily Atherton. 

Rose Queen Lily Atherton (now Barker)

No morris dancers were in the procession but the Saturday June 11th edition of the Warrington Guardian reports that "the Morris Dancers" danced at Lymm Cross. No names are mentioned.

+Whit -Monday May 28th 1928.
At Statham on Whit-Monday again there were 2 queens: Rose Queen Mabel Battersby and May Queen Amy Hartley.
The Morris Dancers were not trained by Ned Rowles, and were a mixed team:
Elsie Appleton, Margaret Hampson, Nora Fairclough, Kathleen Leah, Edith Thomason, Edna Cartledge, Lily Atherton, Mildred Hinton, Nancy Moston, Dorothy Howard, W. Edwards, Alice Higgins, William Higgins, Douglas Smith, Kenneth Smith, Harold White, Amos Summerfield, Samuel Artinstall, Jack Gilberts, George Ditchfield, Heywood Brookes and Ernest Edwards.

+Whit-Monday May 20th 1929.
The Morris Dancers were Lily Atherton, D. Stanley, Amy Hartley, Mabel Battersby, D. Howard, Margaret Hampson, Edith Thomason, P. Bird, M. Taylor, Elsie Appleton, F. Jones, E. Booth and Alice Higgins were not trained by Ned Rowles. I suspect that these dancers are all female.

+Whit-Monday June 9th 1930.
The May Queen was Miss Phyllis Bird and the rose Queen was Miss Elsie Appleton. The individual names of the dancers are listed in the Warrington Guardian with the exception of "the Morris dancers in green and orange costumes" who danced at Lymm Cross and later at the field in Statham.
The Maypole dancers listed are: Jack Taylor, Dorothy Booth, Sam Artinstall, Marion Artinstall, Arthur Higgins, Vera Harrison, Leonard Booth, Joan Rigby, Harry Broadfield, Fanny Daniels, Cyril Daniels, Douglas Talbot, Nancy Talbot, Lily Hampson, A. Booth and Mary Griffiths.

+Whit-Monday May 25th 1931.
Statham procession badly affected by rain, being abandoned several times during the journey, although it was clear enough at Lymm Cross for the customary gathering and "the Morris dancers gave an exhibition dance".
Phyllis Ada Kite was the Rose Queen and Amy Stanley the May Queen.
The Morris Dancers were male:
Leader Arthur Higgins, Arthur Booth, Esmond Drinkwater, Kenneth Jolley, Willie Jolley, Laurence Hannon, Harry Rosser, Sidney Endale, Frank Jackson and Norman Gilberts.

Lymm Whit-Thursday festival was cancelled until Saturday because of the rain.

+Whit-Monday May 16th 1932.
The report in the Guardian for this year is sub-titled
The procession was led by Harold Atherton, dressed as a cowboy, riding a horse. Next was a troupe of Morris dancers then Lymm Public Band and another dancing troupe. "The troupes gave exhibitions on route to the music of the band."

The May Queen was Miss Elsie Taylor and the Rose Queen was Miss Eva Moss.
A Mr. Harrison and a Miss Hartley judged the dancing competition in the evening and the awards were:

  1. Lymm May Queen Acrobatic Troupe (Silver cup).
  2. Heatley and Lymm Dancing Troupe.

There is no mention of the individuals in the troupes, or of the trainers.

+Whit-Monday June 5th 1933.
The procession again led by a "cowboy" riding a horse. An unidentified "troupe of morris dancers" and "Lymm May Queen Acrobatic Troupe in yellow and black dresses" were in the procession. Only the acrobatic troupe is mentioned as dancing "on the field", and no dancers are given by name.

The May Queen was Vera Thomason and the Rose Queen Margaret Taylor.

Because of extreme weather conditions, the Lymm May Queen celebrations were changed from Whit-Thursday to the Saturday.

+Whit-Monday May 21st 1934.
The May Queen was Sybil James.

The Warrington Guardian records that this is the 23rd Statham festival, the event having run annually since the first one in 1911.

As well as the maypole and garland dancing, there was a display of Morris dancing by the Lymmtonians troupe, but no list of the dancers names is supplied.

+Whit-Monday June 10th 1935.
The May Queen was Constance L. Appleton of 22 Star Lane, and the Rose Queen was Dorothy Higs of 27 Oldfield Road, both 13 years old.

Maypole plaiting and Garland dancing took place and the Lymmtonians "in charge of Mrs. Bradburn" performed morris dances. There were Silver Jubilee celebrations and procession in Lymm on Monday 6th May in 1935, but no separate Lymm May Queen event reported in the Guardian.

+Whit-Monday June 1st 1936.
No Lymm May Queen festival, but Statham continues.

The May Queen was Fanny Broadfield and the Rose Queen was Eva Gilbert.

The procession proceeded to Lymm Cross via Booth's Hill Road, Church Road and Rectory Lane and returned via Eagle Brow and Whitbarrow Road to the field off Barsbank Road (Lane) "on the incline between Bridgewater Canal and the railway." 

Morris dancing was performed by The Lymmtonians - trained by Mrs. Bradburn and Mrs. Griffiths, and there was "also Clog dancing by a party from Partington."

+Whit-Monday May 17th 1937.
Statham Festival continues (none in Lymm). 

The May Queen was Nancy Talbot, and the Rose Queen was Mary Hannon. The venue for the event was changed to a field off Whitbarrow Road. 

Morris dancing performed by "The Irlam troupe of morris dancers."

+Whit-Monday June 6th 1938.
Venue changed again this year to a field approached from Statham Avenue.

Vera Daniels as May Queen

The May Queen was Vera Daniels and the Rose Queen Marjorie Humphreys. There was a troupe of morris dancers from Altrincham and a "cabaret troupe"(?) from Knutsford.

+Whit-Monday May 29th 1939.
The venue remains the same as last year. 

The May Queen was Constance Wright and the Rose Queen Winifred Ratcliffe. The Gaskell prize troupe of dancers were the only morris dancers reported.

+Whit-Monday May 13th 1940. 
The bank holiday was cancelled - no festival during the war.

+Whit-Monday 1946
No reference found in the Warrington Guardian to the revival of the Statham May Queen Festival.

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