Lymmdale Morris


Pauline Doorbar
Pauline Doorbar (nee Ratcliffe) of Moston Street, remembers seeing Broomedge Morris Dancers practising on Lymm Park and she nagged her mother to let her join the troupe. 

Pauline 1958

Pauline 1963

Pauline 1972

She was always envious that they were allowed to stop out late! Her mother gave in to her and she began dancing in 1956 when she was 7 years old.


Lymmdale Morris

1970-1 Lymmdale Entertainers

In 1966 one of the Broomedge dancers forming a breakaway troupe, including Pauline, and called it "Lymmdean". Pauline recalls that she was 17 at the time. After about a year the name was changed to "Lymmdale". Pauline did not know why this was but thought that there had been some 'local argument'.

1970 Lymmdale

Pauline danced with the Lymmdale Dancers until 1977, and was their leader for 3 years. She retired in 1977 to look after her family.




1976 with Trophies

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