Lymm Embassy


Margaret Mills (nee Hankey)
Margaret Mills (nee Hankey) used to dance with the Embassy troupe in the 1940's and 50's, and has provided many of the photographs of Lymm Embassy.

Margaret in 1951

Lymm Embassy

The May Queen celebrations were re-started in Lymm after the 2nd World War in 1947. 

Practice in 1948

At last the 1948 team

At this time there was a great deal of dancing and a wide variety of dance - much of it organised by Mrs. Shaw who ran a school of dance, and formed and trained the Lymm Embassy Morris Dancers who later became the Lymm Embassy Entertainers.

The Embassy Morris Dancers and Entertainers/Acrobats practised in the Conservative Club, and were taught by Mrs. Clare Shaw.

1953 Embassy - Mrs Shaw in foreground

Margaret wondered if her auntie Kathleen Hankey (nee Leigh) could be the Mrs. Hankey that taught the Heatley Boys Morris Dancers.

Gloria "Going Over" in 1952

Gloria Eastwood - the flying leaper in the dramatic acrobatic photograph - went on to run her own dance school in the Stockton Heath area under the name of "Gloria Blair".

1949 Leigh


1951 Embassy Acrobats



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