The Lymm Soul-Caking

Compared with earlier scripts from a variety of sources, the mumming play supplied by Jack Gilbert (see below) does not fall into the pattern of the Lymm/Warburton Souling Play. It may be that Jack's headmaster Mr. Clark put the play together from another source or sources, and Jack learned the complete play not from his grandfather but from the version the schoolchildren subsequently performed.

The Lymm play and the Warburton play are almost identical, and are both closely related to the Antrobus Souling play. The song however is certainly a Lymm Souling song.

  1. The Lymm Soul-caking Song.
  2. Soulcaking Play performed at Lymm 1930 (collected from Jack Gilbert)
  3. The "Horses Head" Play - The Lymm Version (c.1950)
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