Thanks are due to the following people 
for help and information:

Ted Edwards, Oldfield Road, Statham.
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Rowles, Fletchers Lane, Rushgreen.
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Riley, Meadow View, Statham.
Tom. Vernon, Albany Road, Statham.
Mrs. Stirton, Whitbarrow Road, Statham.
Sid Reid, Star Lane, Statham.
Mr. & Mrs. George Finney, Adey Road, Rushgreen.
Frank Stirton, Hulme Street, Warrington.
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Higgins, Star Lane Statham.
Vera Brookfield, Church Road, Lymm.
Herbert Taylor, Thornley Road, Lymm.
Mrs. Edi Russell (nee Leather), Massey Avenue, Massey Brook.
Harold Struthers, St. Margaret's Avenue, Orford.
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Leigh, Ashcroft Road, Oughtrington.
Molly Hartley, Northway, Statham.
Sid Rowles, Rushgreen Road, Lymm.
Robert Hartley, Hilton Close, Weston Estate, Macclesfield.
Mrs. Hankey, Booth's Hill Road, Lymm.
Arthur Sutton, Poole Lane, Statham.
Louie Booth, Booth's Hill House, Lymm.
Mrs. M. E. Gresty, Ferndown, Earls Lane, Kelsall.
Jack Gilbert, Bewsey.
Joe. Griffiths, Manor Road, Lymm.
Pauline Doorbar (nee Ratcliffe), Fairclough Avenue, Howley.
Pamela Carter (nee Beddows), Sycamore Drive, Statham.
Eilleen Pownall (nee Poole) & husband, Sycamore Drive, Statham.
Fran. Hall (nee Matulko), Statham Avenue, Statham.
Joyce Callaghan (nee Bell)
Shirley Bancroft (nee Higgins) & husband, Northway, Statham.
Margaret Mills (nee Hankey), Albany Crescent, Statham.
Chris Limb, Oughtrington Crescent, Lymm.
Julian Pilling, Nelson, Lancashire.
Roy Dommett, Aldershot, Hants.
Eric Pollitt, Glazebury, Warrington.
Dan. Howison, Oakland, Rutland.
Derek Froome, Altrincham, Cheshire.


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