Lymm Rushbearing
13th August 2023

L-R: Geoff Bibby, Derek "Del" Britch, Ian Lomas, Peter Bearon, Andrew White, Sam "Henry" Addison, 
Tony Dann, Steve Guest, Rick Nelson, Rob Pracy and David Devereux

First Spot at The Brewery Tap

"Step and turn"

Next spot, same as the first

"Upside Down"


Next location - The Lower Dam



Team photo, prior to "procession"

Lymm Rushbearing

Through The Dingle

One day we'll all be on the Zebra at the same time for an Abbey Road moment.
Sort of dancers photo
L-R: David, Ian, Steve, Andrew, Rob, Henry, Tony, Rick, Geoff
Musicians dawdling behind

Up the main rod, by the Upper Dam
Vicar, Lymm May Queen, Rose Queen + train carrier followed by Lymm Morris Dancers and a couple of Bollin Morris

At St Mary's Church

"Step Up"

"Outside Square"


Into Church for a service

At the Church Green for a pint

Start of the "Double Cast"


Bollin Morris at the Church

Back in the Village

"Upside Down"

Back at The Brewery Tap

Last "OUT!" of the day

Lymm Morris Dancers
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