Lymm Rushbearing 2022
14th August 2022

Another event where we are forced to do the six-man version of The Lymm Dance

The Team for the Day

L-R: Del, David, Steve, Rob, Rick, Henry, Andrew, Geoff, Peter, Tony

Pre-Rushbearing we performed at three locations in the village

The Brewery Tap

First step-up of the day

Cast Down

Outside The Spread Eagle
(on the main road through the village)

Step Across

Step and Turn (the step bit of it)

At The Lower Dam

Step Up

Square on the Bottom



Gathering at the Lower Dam

Processing through The Dingle

Processing through The Dingle

Up past Lymm Dam

Hands only

"OUT" before the Church Service, and our refreshment stop at The Church Green 

The Guests

Set to start outside St Mary's Church, Lymm

Step Across

Upside Down (though strictly it is the downside up bit of it)

The last "OUT" of the day

Lymm Morris Dancers
Last updated 15 August 2022