Lymm May Queen, Lymm
21st May 2022

Many pictures - focussing on some of the figures

Getting the team photo is like herding cats

...After a white they are organised

L-R: Peter, Rick, Geoff, Andrew, Tony, Steve, Henry, Rob

The start of the processtion leaving Statham Avenue

Corners Cross

Hands only during the procession (easier than dancing, except on the arms)

A step and turn out

The Star (on the top)

Step across

Back to hands

With the odd static dance en route

At the roundabout before heading down to the village

Back to the hands on the way down to the Village

Cast down from the top
This caused some confusion for Andrew
We we going down hill at the time, and he assumed a topographic top instead of the top of the set  (sorted out before the taken picture)

Traditional stop and perform at the Spread Eagle

Start of "Square"

Procession held up in the village - time for a rest

Moving on and static dance again

Star on the top

Outside Square

Another break waiting for Lymm Adivas to finish their bit

Peter, our musician, never stops play - except when strap gets too far down off his shoulder

Rounding the corner with Lymm Cross

Hands again

Warrington Worldwide picture a few moments later 

Along the cobbled Pepper Street

A dance on the May Queen field

Mid "Upside Down"
Outside "The Brewery Tap"

Star on the top
Outside "The Brewery Tap" after being in it 

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Photographs Lymm Morris Dancers
Last updated 15 August 2022