Lymm Dickensian Day
10th December 2022

Once again it's a 6-man set day and a Betty

Today's Team Photo L-R: Del, Andrerw, Rick, Tony, Steve, Henry, Geoff, David, Roib

Outside the Brewery Tap (with guest musician JJ)

Dancers - Are you ready?

Musicians - Are you ready?

Let's Dance - starting with a step up

"Square on the Top"

High hankies soon to be followed by OUT !

In front of the Spread Eagle

"Step Up"

About to turn in the "Step and Turn",

"Step Across"

"Star on the Top"

Last couple heading back to place in "Cast Down"

"OUT" !

Andrew chats to new team member John - watch this space for his debut in 2023

The Procession

Bollin Morris, Earl of Stamford reps,  then us

Off we go


The team perform "Star on the Top" with the formation Hi-vis team behind

"Hands" during the procession

A traditional spot (for us) as we leave Brookfield Road for Eagle Brow and into the Village

Part way through "Upside Down"

Possibly "OUT", though not everyone facing up

Mid-Procession at the Spread Eagle

"Step up"

"Double Cast"

"OUT" !

Beyond the Lower Dam in the street named "The Cross"

"Step and Turn" followed by...

..."Step Up"

"Corners Cross on the Top"

All smiles for "OUT"

Later up "The Cross" a break to let Santa thorough before our last dance, opposite Lymm Cross

"Star on the Top"

The last "OUT" of the day

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Lymm Morris Dancers
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