Lymm Rushbearing, Lymm
8th August 2021

Poster (pdf)

Team Photo; Peter, Del, Alex, Tony, Andrew, Rick, Steve, Geoff, David, Henry, Rob

Meet up and run through

Spot at The Brewery Tap

Lymm Rushbearing 2021

Meet at the Lower Dam

Ready for the off

into and out of the woods

Homage to the Beatles...   ...Our Abbey Road (OK, Church Road aka A56)

Big spacing makes for long procession

Ready to dance in the Church Car Park

Bollin spectate visitor photographs

Bollin Dance while Del watches

Refreshments mi-way

Team Photographer with Webmaster

Post service dance (only 6 dancers this year for a traditionally 8-man dance))

Step Across

Mid-Outside Square

Double Cast


Big finish from Bollin

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