Lymm May Queen, Lymm
25th September 2021

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The Official Team Photo (taken by Suzanne)
L-R: Geoff, Tony, Rick, Andrew, Steve, Jasper, David, Henry, Peter, Rob, Alex, Del (socially distanced from team)

Three more "Team Photos" - press and public led

The team get a team talk before a quick run through of Upside Down / Downside Up figure

Lymm Adivas (some of) - the other local Morris Team in attendance

We followed the guide dogs who followed vintage police car with vintage exhaust emissions

Processing up Whitebarrow Road

Bursting into action

Along Brookfield Road

Geoff walks centrally between top couples

A couple of figures opposite Davies Way

Off again in two lovely lines

Andrew and Rob
Synchronised Dancing - Arms, footwork and angle of tilt
(can't vouch for the other four, though)

Crossing for "Square"

The end of that bit, and the end of Brookfield Road, too


Approach the Spread Eagle for a short display

Star on the top - first bit...

...second bit

Some detail on the "Star" figure

"Outside Square"


...and back

Off again with "Hands" only

The "Band" after the Lower Dam

Mid-Square figure

The Team disappear into the depths of Pepper Street
Fire Engine in hot pursuit

Making our way to the May Queen Field

Onto the Arena passing the PA van

Geoff leading the team round

Ready to start

Mid-corners cross

Some way through the "Double Cast" 

A brief chat with Lymm Radio
(our interview yet to make the listen again bit on their website)

Andrew and jasper pose for the public

A comparison how good the hankie folding has been

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