Lymm Rushbearing, Lymm
11th August 2019

The Team Photo

L-R: Rick, Peter, Ian, Steve G, Tony, Geoff, Andrew, Pierre (seated), David, Rob, Del, Chris Limb (Rushbearing Organiser)

Dancing Round the Village

Quick Practice on Eagle Brow Car Park

Step-up, the first of the day

The Star

The Brewery Tap

Pint or dance first...

It's a good job the arm turn happens in a fraction of a second - you, hopefully, don't see it like this

At Lymm Cross

Ready to go...

..just been, gone, now finished.

OK, which dance shall we do next

Back at the Pub

Step across

The Star

Double cast

The Rushbearing - From Lower Dam to the Church
(poster (pdf))

The dignitaries 

The Musicians

A dance before we go

Dancing with Bollin Morris assembling

The procession assembles at the Lower Dam

Assembled and ready to go

Heading up The Dingle to the Church
A street procession now a thing of the past

Hand movements - dancing a bit trickey

Towards the step to Warrington Road

Crossing Warrington Road

A path procession past Lymm Dam


The procession

A dance in the Church Car Part before the service

Corners Cross

Outside Square

Bollin Morris in action

Whilst the church service in on (Lymm Rushbearing Order of Service) we continue our dance around the village

The Church Green - Traditional Rushbearing Dance Spot for the revived Lymm Morris

All active in The Maycart / Haycart figure

The team with Averil Sheperd author of Calendar Customs Website, which has a write of of this year's event

Our last dance of the day

Bollin Morris doing THE last dance of the day

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