Lymm Dickensian Day, Lymm
14th December 2019

A very cold day, so difficult to get the team to stand still for team photo

L-R: Steve A, Del, Andrew, Steve G, tony, Alex, Rob, Rick, Ian, Peter, David, Geoff

Keeping warm in the Rangers Cabin - Wimps

Procession on its way

Pausing (when the parade stops) to do a figure or two - Corners cross, here

Off with "Hands" i.e. hand movements only

A hold up without a dance (probably no one to watch)

On the move, again

On the corner, a traditional location for us to do a figure or three. Here's the Star

Town Cryer, Peter Powell, leads the procession a safe distance from the Steam Roller

Front, above, and back, below, of the Bollin Morris (back lot includes the "Morris Minors")

Earl of Stamford in winter kit

Our turn through the village centre


...and some dancing

Great crowds to entertain on a crisp December day

Passing Sextons then round past the Dam

...where more crowds await

A quick stop in front of some stalls

The musicians leave the procession for the Bulls Head pub...

The dancers follow...

...single file down the path

Peter finishes off his carol playing in the pub

Out later for some spots around the village

The Spread Eagle and mid way throu The Star

More Star-like here

Upside Down - a twentieth Century figue


The Brewery Tap for drink and dance

Back to the Spread Eagle

Cast Down

The last "OUT" of the day and 2019

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