Lymm Rushbearing
12th August 2018

As usual lets start with a team photo (with the Lymm Town Crier)

L-R: Henry, Del, Peter, Geoff (Betty), David, Peter Powell (Town Cryer), Alex, Andrew, Tony, Rick, Rob, Steve

Pre-event photo call - in the car park

Photo call - for some

First Spot - Community Centre

The starting step and turn

Double Cast

At the Brewery Tap

Ready for the off

Refreshment time

The Lower Dam

The end of our bit ...

... Bollin Morris do some

4.00pm - Time for the Rushbearing

A big change to the usual this.
To avoid the expense of road closures, the procession goes off-road.
From the Lower Dam to the Church via The Dingle
(See pdf version of poster)

Garland and "rushes" ready

Chair lady of Lymm Parish Council hiding the Town Crier

Members of the public invited to join the procession

Quick pic with Chris Limb, organiser of the event

Ready to head off, up the Dingle

Read, Steady....


Through the woods

Up the steps to the main road to church

The walk up to the church

I think it's up this way, lads

A good wide path to travel up the road

The team line up to greet the participants

The Church Green

Whilst the church attendees attend the church - the team head off to the Church Green for refreshments

Billy no-mates having a coffee

A view the other way

As is traditional (for us) the dance is performed in the car park

A rear view

Step up

After the Service in St Mary's car Park

The Parish Council and Church leader

The music men

Probably step accross

Team and a view of the Church

Bollin Morris do a spot

Us, again after first dance cut short due to departing car

Mid Upside Down

End of the last dance at the last spot

Peter, Del and Alex

Head off back to town

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The Lymm Morris
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