[Not] Lymm Rushbearing
13th August 2017

Once again there wasn't a formal Lymm Rushbearing event, and once again we danced around Lymm anyway.

The Team Photo

L-R: Del, Del, Alex, Geoff, Andrew, Rick, Pierre (seated), Chris, Ian, 
Steve A (kneeling), Rob, Steve G (kneeling), Peter, David

The Leader of Lymm Morris

By the Canal by Eagle Brow Car Park

I know you can't see either of those, but, honest, that's where we are

First dance of the day and first dance since last year for some

Hands only in procession to the next dancing spot...

Musicians for the day
L-R: Pierre, Peter, Alex and Del

The Brewery Tap

A step up
Nerd alert: Outside arm coming over to meet beat on inside foot stepping (all except for one, anyway)

The Lower Dam

Andrew and Henry make sharp turns at the top of the set during "Cast-up"

First corners crossing at second half of "Corners Cross"

Pepper Street Car Park

Maycart/Haycart (depending who you are speaking to)

"The Star"

End of the half way spot and time to process out to the nearest pub until 4.00pm

Off we go

L-R: Del, Del, Alex, Geoff, Andrew, Rick, Pierre (seated), Chris, Ian, Steve A (kneeling), Rob, Steve G (kneeling), Peter, David

Off we go again - this time off to the Church...

Nt a procession but music and moving as a set...

...no car problems...

...OK, so we waved our hand a bit in time with the music

The Church

Archway for Geoff bearing a bunch of rushes...

Rushes for the Church

The Church Green

ITCCA - It's That Corners Cross Again

A more informal walk back to the Village Centre

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