Lymm May Queen (Cancelled)
10th June 2017

Due to a late check of email, everyone were on their way to Lymm when we found out the event had been cancelled due to heavy rain overnight and severely waterlogged May Queen Field - Warrington Guardian Report

We still chose to dance around the village - in case some folks didn't know and turned up

The Team on the Day

L-R (standing): Henry, Andrew, Peter's Melodion, Steve A, David, Rick, Steve G, Pilotman, Del, Alec
L-R (kneeling): Geoff

A quick practice in the Lymm Hotel Car Park

Some folks a little late bringing down hamkies

The Brewery Tap

It's all hankies and ribbons - there is some order in this chaos

Good to see everyone one the correct foot

End of the first proper dance spot

At The Lower Dam

If anyone is thinking "Hmm, nice bum" get yourself off to Specsavers (other opticians are available)

Lymm Village Hall (aka Pepper Street Car Park)

"The Star" looking down the set

End of that dance !

At Lymm Cross

"The Star" looking up the set

Back to the Brewery tap for the last dancing spot

Anybody's guess what the right place is for the hands and hankies on this one

"The Star" - a tricky manoeuvre

A step-up - seen several times during a dance

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