Lymm Dickensian Day 2017
9th December 2017

Another good day at Lymm Dickensian -  Started with snow but dispersed quickly

Team photo was like herding cats - either all musicians and some dancers or all dancers and some musicians

All dancers and Del
Musib but limited dancers

With a bit of photoshop faffing.about...

Photoshop Team
L-R: Del, Rick, Steve G, Geoff, Geoff H, Steve A, Ian, Andrew, Rob, David, Henry, Alex, Jasper, Peter

Lower dam
At the Lower Dam - Steve G dancing centre back

Lower dam
Bollin Morris at the Lower Dam

Lower dam
Earl of Stamford at the Lower Dam

No prizes for guessing the location of the team photographer

After the traditional refreshments at The Bull's Head (where the procession ends)
we do a few more spots

Lower dam
The Musicians Jasper, Peter, Del and Alex play for us mid way between the stalls

Andrew ploughs through the set in from the centre back position (during "The Maycart" figure)

Lower dam
"The Star" outside The Spread Eagle

Lower dam

One more, final spot, at the Brewery Tap

The last out of the day
End of the day for the music men

The last "OUT" (end of dance) to end the day (for us)

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