Lymm Dickensian Day 2016
13th December 2016

Another good day at Lymm Dickensian - though a tad damp at times

Heading up from The Lymm Hotel

Second half of "The Star" and it's amazing to see a straight line - if you've ever danced the figure, you'd know why!

Short display over and back to the processing

A little further on and another interesting figure - mid may/hay cart
Crossing at the ends and crossing at he sides

IXI (pronounced icksi) - yet another beautifully captured image of one of the "newer" figures

Approaching the village

A figure or two outside The Spread Eagle

At the Lower Dam in Lymm

Just past the Cross, the end is in sight, well, OK a swift half(ish) in the Red Lion...

The Red Lion and an almost, but not quite, team photo
Left picture (clockwise from top left): Del, Alex, David, Rob Peter
Right picture (left to right): Rick, Steve, Andrew, Pilotman, Tony, Geoff H's hat and half of him
Missing; Henry (had to shoot off to a Rotary do) and Geoff B (not noted for his eagerness to be in team photos)

First spot after drinkies and a view of "The Double Cast"
Top couple cast down the middle, to meet bottom couple who had previously cast up the middle and returning outside the set.

The Team under close scrutiny by Mr and Mrs Dickens and 
(aka Paul and Karina Middlehurst)

The last "OUT" (end of dance) to end the day (for us)

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