Lymm Rushbearing
11th August 2013

First stop is meeting up at The Star, Statham

Then time for a run through starting with...  

...Step and Turn...

...Step up...

...Cast Down...

Head off to Lymm for another couple of performances

At Lymm Lower Dam


Andrew talking rubbish to
onlookers - bin to hand!


Getting ready for the procession

Chris Lymm, organiser, with Lymm Town Crier

Geoff with one of the Garland makers

Off we go - Bollin morris near the front...

...Lymm Morris near the back.

Quick figure at the Upper Dam

Bollin Morris perform at the Church Green pub

Followed by Lymm

Leaving the church
Past Ltmm Cross in the centre of the village

L-R: Geoff, Alex, Andrew, Henry, SteveA, Rob, Tony, Pilotman, Steve G, Dave, Del

As part of her PhD thesis Lucy Wright designed some slightly exaggerated new hats modelled by members of the team - and herself

Final performance of the day, as usual in the Village Hall 


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Photographs 2013 The Bibbys
The Lymm Morris
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