Lymm Rushbearing - 2006

The afternoon started with a short tour of Statham, firstly at The Star then the old Post Office..
(Our dance was collected from someone from the old Statham Team)

At the old P.O. - now a residence

On then to the canal tow path in Lymm

"The Star" a figure from the dance

Lymm Rushbearing

Team (L-R): Del, Arthur, Dave, Steve A, Kevin, Steve G, Ian, Andrew, Henry, Geoff, Duncan
Extreme right is the Lymm Town Cryer.

Half way round is a short stay at the church
Rushbearers go into the Parish Church, The Lymm Morris go into the Church Green...  

...where we do the dance (above is half way through the figure "upside down")

New boy Ian (left) with new regular Steve
Aren't those wonderful hats.

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2006 Thelwall Morris Men
Photographs by Ruth Bibby, Kevin Farrell, Dave Devereau (nee Pratt), Maureen Britch, Andrew White,  and Henry
Last updated 9 January 2016